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Frequently Asked Questions

This sections tries to answer some of the general questions our users may have with regards to books, our facilities and what we offer. If you still have a question please book an appointment to visit our facility or give us a call.

How many people can the venue host?

Kapps Farm Mountain is equipped to host up to 200 people, with sleeping arrangements up to 100 people. Shuttle services are a possibility, we are only 20min outside Windhoek city and there are several neighbouring lodges and accommodation options.

Is there enough accommodation for my guests?

The main venue offers four luxury rooms, the honeymoon suite, 3 standard rooms and a family room. Kapps Farm Mountain also has an additional 20 budget rooms and 8 enclosed campsites. In total, we can accommodate up to 100 guests.

Are there campsites available at Kapps Mountain Lodge and Venue?

Yes, we have 8 enclosed camping spaces with a larger private campsite situated near the main lodge. Photos of the campsite feature on our website.

Will there be other guests at the venue during my event/wedding

We will block out the whole space for any weddings and private functions of 30 people or more. Kapps Mountain offers accommodation that might be occupied by other guests, depending on the type of arrangement for the function. We can happily create a block booking for the entire lodge if this is preferred.

How much does it cost to hire the venue?

Please refer to our events brochure on the website and contact our staff to request a quote. All quotes are customised to your specific needs.

Is there a bar that sells alcohol on site?

Kapps Farm Mountain has a fully stocked bar on site.

Does the venue offer catering services?

We do not offer catering services; however, we do offer great deals with various local catering companies. The lodge offers catering/kitchen facilities which can be used for some of the catering requirements.

If my guests want to return to Windhoek after the wedding, will there be shuttles available?

Upon request, shuttles to and from Windhoek will be arranged for the wedding.

What activities does Kapps Mountain offer?

Kapps Mountain offers a variety of outdoor activities, including mountain biking, hiking, horseback riding, game drives and bird watching. Seasonal fishing is also possible.

Can I host a team building event here?

We host all sorts of team building events and corporate functions. Speak to our manager for any specific questions regarding the space available for your function.