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run farm

Taken over in 1997 by the Lohmann Family to become Kapps Farm, a small cattle Farm in the middle of the “Kappsmountains” just outside Windhoek city. The Lohmann family started the conversion of the old farmhouse and karakul sheep kraals in early 2006.

Renovations started with the main farm house and surrounding rooms. Later the kraals were demolished and the 4 luxury rooms built. In 2022, construction started for the conversion of the farm house to the current lodge and events venue, building of the main hall and 20 standard rooms for additional accommodation. The whiskey room was part of the old farm shed and store room, used to store animal feed and farming tools.

Officially inaugurated on the 6th of January 2024 to host the first Lohmann wedding.

Since 1947

The Story

Kappsfarm was founded in 1947 by Mr. Manfred Crohn, born 1912 in Berlin / Germany.

In the centre of the Farm an Italian mason built up the still existing Farmhouse, which has been restored and restructured to house the current Kapps Mountain Lodge and Venue.

From 1947

The Lodge

The main house dates back to the 1940s and is the
central structure of our estate.

You will be welcomed in refined and tasteful rooms, furnished with carefully chosen materials: from the traditional floor enriched by the colors of the Andalusian cement tiles features, to modern stoneware that reflects the taste and the colors of the local stone.